Hello, I'm Mari.

Mari Galvez

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Hi everyone,

I'm María but everybody call me Mari normally. I hope you all can have patience whit my english, it's not my first language.
I have been reading the forum for a while after it were recomend to me by an American teacher I had, so I'm learning still.

I hope I can learn more and be blessed like so many others.
yours, Mari


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:welcome: to RF! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home! :nod We have believers from all over the world on RF, and I think it's wonderful that you are from Spain. My sister went to Spain on a mission trip this summer. :welcome:

Mari Galvez

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Thank you for the welcomes. I shjould say you more about me perhaps. I describe myselve as a ex JW really and I have some contact in Alicante with Pentecostals and some Baptists - my American teacher of english was who recomend some forums and I found this one to learn and share.

My family was divided when 2 of my younger sisters and me left the JW because of some escandals and troubles. My parents, 2 older sisters and the younger who's 16 are still JWs, but we left and we don't live with them now. This is probably better for all.

We have abled to reconcile but I still felt I need to find the truth and a relation with God that I didn't have before. SO I hope I can be helped by this forum.

(I feel a little intimidate for my bad english so I hope you all will have patience with me! Sorry.)



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Hey Mari,

My English can be over the top (too academic or educated). Don't be shy just tell me when I'm being too hard for you to understand. :hat:

Welcome and I hope your English improves quickly so you can really get into some deep conversations about Jesus and the Bible.