Hello from Utah. I am a faithful remnant believer

Lee Allen

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. God brought me back to his throne of Grace in early 2017. I turned my back and went my own way after thirteen years of faithful church attendance and Christian ministry.

God used the 2016 election to wake me up and bring me back to Him. I was a full blown Hillary supporter, so when she lost I was shell shocked. After living in a hate Trump bubble for nearly two months I started remembering everything I learned about Gog and Magog years ago in Bible prophecy classes. This lead me to start reading great dispensational truths once again.

Now by God's grace I look back and see that it was Calvinism and Presbyterian theology about Israel that caused me to turn my back on Him. Thank God I came around before the rapture as I would have no doubt been left behind.

As of now I am reading the forums on this site and listening to a lot of Jan Markell and trying to share all I can with by friends and family before the soon day of Jacobs Trouble.

God bless looking forward to some fellowship on this forum.