Hello from Tennessee

Jesus Is Coming!

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I've already been posting a few times....thought I might oughta introduce myself! My name is Linda and I am a child of the King! Jesus died and rose again for my sins and accepted me as his in 1968. I have failed Him miserably too many times but He has never left me or forsaken me and He never will, Praise His Name!!

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for having me here! I really enjoy reading and discussing with other believers! :wave


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Welcome fellow Tennessean!! Franklin here, and soon to be in Nolensville. I have only been through Maryville when we took the “scenic route” to Gatlinburg, but it looks like a really nice town to live in.
Listening to the governor’s update this pm makes me glad to live here. He says we will fight as long and as hard as necessary to overturn the judge who issued a restraining order on the law he signed for the “fetal heartbeat” legislation.
Stay safe from the bears over there !!:howdy:howdy