Hello from 'orrible Wales!


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Bore da, John. Croeso i'n cartref ar y rhyngrwyd. I am only half-Welsh. My father was from the Cardiff area and my mother from England. I was born in Guildford, Surrey, brought to Canada when I was 8; and now at the age of 76 I am a legal permanent resident of the United States, 3 years from becoming a citizen. I hope you enjoy the fellowship here.


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Hello John, Welcome to RF! Scotland here. Hope you find a spiritual home here to help carry us through the last of the last days until the return of the Lord. Good to meet you! :)

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:howdy John and :welcome

I'm sorry to hear about Wales spiritual status.
On a side note, how are they dealing with COVID there? Is it anything like US?
HI Annie. thanks. Yes it's very similar here. Sheeple doing as they're told and lots of misinformation!

John Em

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Welcome, John. I'm originally from the UK, too, but now live in Colorado, USA. My mum's side of the family, the Joneses, trace their roots to Wales. I have an aunt who lives in Cardiff, too. I spent much time in Wales as young lad, and some of my favourite memories are from there.
Hi SpaceBum- wow what a small world eh. I live just 20 miles up the road from Cardiff in Aberdare!