Hello from Oregon!


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Hi SweetGrace and Hannah!!

Welcome to the family! We're so happy you've chosen to join us!

This is the most beautiful family and all of us are in different phases of our walks with Christ...we all started in the same place, at the beginning!

Don't you worry about what you don't know, it'll come, and along with it, we will get to share in the miracle of watching your spiritual gifts develop and edify!

Thank You Lord, for bringing our family together!


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A big welcome all the way from Tennessee! Great to have you with us, and look forward to learning all the Lord has in store for us together with you!:wave


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Welcome!!!! I am so happy you joined us! You will find this is a loving family of God, truly the body of Christ! We love to exhort and instruct one another as we learn from the Word. We are all learning here! That said there are some wise and gifted pastors and teachers on here that truly help God's word come alive! Especially prophecy that can be overwhelming at first :)


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Welcome sweetgrace (what a wonderful user name) and Hannah (what a wonderful Biblical name.) I pray you are each edified by the fellowship here. I encourage you both to spend time in our prayer forum, for prayer for one another is a key manifestation of true Christian love.


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Adding my Welcome also, sweetgrace. Everyone here seems to help everyone else and that's how we learn. And when we get off track or something, the loving and very helpful mods step in and gently (usually!) get us back on the path. And there are a number of pastors here also, so we don't lack for significant knowledge in the Word of God.