Hello from east TN

As someone who was born in East TN, Kingsport/Holsten Valley, WELCOME! We have good people here. And thanks for your great testimony. Enjoy your time here.
When meeting a new person or group I nearly always struggle with deciding whether or not to mention my spiritual experience. I know the words 'spoken' to me were most certainly from God or an angel. Probably the latter. The reason I am hesitant is the 'what if' it was a physical event due to my brain dying from a lack of blood. Anyway I will explain more in a thread dedicated to such things. Lastly to the Mod; If this paragraph is not appropriate for this thread feel free to delete it or move it.

Onward to on-topic intro material, lol;

Again, thank you, to all of you that's made me feel welcome! Yes I can 'feel' the spirit* when I read the replies. It's kind of amazing that anonymous, typed words that are shot across the internet at light speed can elicit true emotions! Also Jonathan come back! We need more Christians! I was born in Elizabethton TN, which is about 20 miles from Kingsport. Seriously to all you......may God be with us.~

I sometime use the star asterisk after a word or term to indicate there is a expanded or more detailed definition etc. of the star asterisk marked word. See example from he above reply;

*…….. 'feel' the spirit* Means the Holy Spirit ~
:wave welcome to RF our little slice of wonderfulness ,thanks for sharing some background and like Adrian said thank you for your service.
I should say thank you all ! Since we are talking about this I will say I think the Army got cheated, lol! I feel the great free health care, the GI bill, various financial deals etc, that I have scarfed up was worth far more than the two years I served. Two years? Yes, way back then during the Vietnam 'war' if one joined (instead of being drafted) enlistment time was two years, plus you got to choose your MOS (military job). For this poor, and poorly educated AND just married hillbilly it was a good deal, even without the benefits. Today when someone notices I am a vet, and they say thank you for your service, well, it really means a lot to me, thanks again!~
Welcome to the forum A T. May God be with you.
I dig that avatar Carl! I love the starry nights, in my opinion they confirm Gods existence! Who could deny God exists when marveling the way time, gravity and space is framed and corralled by dark energy and dark mass* . I hope to get a good telescope soon, at 66 I'm beginning to appreciate the way our universe works.

*...… The 'make up' of dark energy and dark mass is not understood, save for very 'malleable' theory.
I'm seriously considering it. Probably won't be for a few years, and probably not Kingsport itself, but I really want to move back to the country and my roots and it is beautiful country over there. Thanks for your service, by the way. I never say that glibly but really mean it. Take care brother.
Well then hurry on back! I had to work on the road my entire working life. That contributed to two failed marriages and a list of bad habits. But I always pined for home regardless. Man how I missed these mountains, and the people, they are a lot like the people here! I agree that Kingsport is a little too crowded. If I didn't get so busted up from the M/C crash, and getting to work wasn't an issue I would live back in the mountains, probably around Shady Valley, about a half mile from the closest neighbor, ha ha..dream on! I don't want to be quite 'hermitized', I do love people. I need so little social interaction that I feel guilty and selfish (concerning my friends and family). Anyway, if you need some info on areas round here and how its changed (for the worse and better) I would be happy to help. Take care ~
Welcome to the forum, I live in Tennessee myself

Cool-----L Drew! another TN guy, lol, Cool-L shows how old I am, at least I didn't said 'boo-koo dinky dau' ! That is really getting back there (Army days). Tennessee is a fairly big state longwise, I wish Tennessee could be scooped up and put where FL is, and stick FL where TN is! Then our state would have it all ...mountains, the beach …. no scratch that its too hot in FL!

To everyone I didn't get to individually (so far) : Sorry, all of you are so kind, I hesitated to answer anyone individually at first because I knew I couldn't answer all. And that might seem, I don't know, uncaring to those I didn't get to. I know its a little thing but some people are sensitive which is beautiful too. I wish I could invite every one of you to a back yard bbq meet and greet and maybe services too. Well...I am hoping to write a proper thread soon~ until the have a blessed 'boo-koo dinky dau' day! ~


We trust you Jesus, you are the only King forever!


Blood bought child of the King of kings.
Welcome AT.
Pleasant to meet you my friend.
As you already have taken noticed to, there are many kind and sweet brothers and sisters here.
You my friend will be another addition.
May the Lord bless you greatly and may your knowledge of the Scriptures expand.
In all , may our Lord be glorified.

Peace in our Saviours name.
I am soon 65, and have looked at a few telescopes and enjoy viewing pics from the Hubble, you probably have viewed some from various Hubble links, if not here is a link

Thanks for the links! I too enjoy the remarkable Hubble photos, and viewing interesting astronomy links. I will posted youall' an interactive link to a NASA site that I have used quite a bit. At first, after reading a review about the site I thought it was for younger people, maybe up to middle school. However it was advanced enough for me! The site has an simple and advanced user tab. I use the simple app for quick reference and the advanced tab when writing or researching. I scanned the site with Malawares in case it had bugs in it. I have had a life long interest in science especially astromancy and rocketry ever since I watched rockets take off from Cape Canaveral as a skinny elementary school student in Coca Beach FL..

Our teacher would allow us to watch the launches,, sometimes weekly launches. I was I FL briefly while dad was an M&R contractor at the Cape. Right before dads contract ended and before we returned to TN I got to see the early unmanned V Saturn launch which gave me a science bug for life! Oh the scope! I think I will buy a fairly low power basic refactor with excellent optics first. Then later an more powerful reflector. But I am using up a lot of space here, get me talking about astronomy stuff and well I will bore everyone to sleep ! I will say one thing and its sorta on topic.

I had two reasons to study astronomy and science. One was pure interest and the other is I began seeing direct correlations between aspects of biblical scripture and sciences description of beginnings, like the beginning of life and our universe. So as a budding apologist science and some aspects of religion fit like hand in glove!

The review is below, I hope you and other interested members enjoy it.

Welcome to NASA's Eyes, a way for you to learn about your home planet, our solar system, the universe beyond and the spacecraft exploring them. With applications for Mac and PC as well as apps for mobile devices there are many ways for you to follow along with our scientists and engineers.

Again thanks to those I didn't answer individually, I already have so many warm fuzzies I am reminded of an star trek (the original version) called 'the trouble with tribbles'...but reminded in a good way! I hope to write some threads and visit with everyone in the different subjects soon.

I created a warm fuzzie image with paint photo editing. Is it possible to upload from our PC to RF?


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Welcome to RF “AT” from a another TN person, where we “landed” 10 yrs. ago. Pretty country in the “east side” !
Just jump in and get to know everyone. You will be amazed how quickly you will feel like you have gained a new “family”.
And thank you for your service to our country:salute:salute:welcome:welcome:cateyes:cateyes