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Hi, my name is Rachel, from Texas (for now, full-time rv'er). I was a member on the rapture ready forums many, many, many years ago. I remember I had been on there for some time before 9/11 happened. I've been a lurker on here for a few years and finally decided to join.

In the last 5 years, I went through an ugly divorce. In my anger, I back slid in my faith badly for a couple of years that I am still very ashamed of. Then in 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer. It had spread into my skull and down into my chest. I lost my job and insurance. Had to sell my house and got just enough out of my equity to buy an old motorhome. I had to file for disability which took 6 months, and by the time I got to treatment, it was pretty bad and my oncologist gave me 50/50 odds and she said that was generous. I have no adrenal glands so any illness or injury can be deadly if my steriods are not managed to replace the cortisol that i can not longer produce. The headaches and pain from radiation cooking my mouth was horrendous. Chemo almost killed me. Spent more time in icu then I did at home. I cried out to God many times and understood that this is what I needed for the Lord to get my attention. My focus is 100% back on Him. I have some issues I'm working out, forgiveness of my father and people that i had helped in the past, but then couldn't be bothered to help me in my time of need. I'm still emotional about it all, sometimes grateful I made it, other times I wish I hadn't so I could be in heaven and not deal with the anxiety of a post-cancer treatment ragged out body (and paying for all the medical care I need on disability income, Ha!) and be with Jesus looking forward to my pain-free incorruptible body. But, I still have loved ones I need to get through to, and I'm grateful to be here to do that.

In all my years of being a watcher since I was 12 (40 now) even during my backsliding years I kept a close eye on prophetic events. And I have never felt as close to our blessed hope as I do now.

I look forward to chatting with all of you.
Thank you for keeping this forum going!
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Old RRer here too! I had a different screen name. Welcome back and I just went through something for God to get my attention as well. Hugs to you, sister.

Hi lamborgini,

Thank you for the warm welcome. Glad to see another old RR member! I remember how active RR and then also Prophecy Fellowship were back in the day. It's a bit shocking to see how many have fallen away. I think a lot of fence sitters or those like me that never doubted but weren't LIVING for the Lord are getting a nice cold wake-up slap in the face. I'm grateful for it! :)


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Welcome to RF as a full-fledged member now! We are so glad you have joined. What a great testimony of God's sanctifying afflictions. They are a deep truth that few Christians today seem to understand. But the Christians of old did. As the 3rd verse of that grand old 18th century hymn How Firm A Foundation says:

“When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;
For I will be with thee, thy troubles to bless,
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress

He loves you SO MUCH!


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Thank you everyone. So glad I finally joined. I don't know what took so long! I don't have a church home, or any other watchers in my life. Honestly believers period. So you guys are it, and I've been reading your posts for so long I feel like I already know you guys! :meet


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Oh, and I do read the bible every day. I read 1&2 peter, james, and joel last night. But with my chemo brain, I forget things easily so I take notes or really go slow and concentrate line by line.

I have an app on my phone the bible by youversion. I can choose the version and read the entire bible while it has an audio feature to listen as well. Devotionals and study guides that will prompt me to read everyday. Note taking, all kinds of neat stuff. I still love my old bible, but this makes it convenient to read where ever I am.


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Please feel free to start a prayer thread in the prayer forum.


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:welcome2to RF, Amity! Like you, I also have youversion on my phone and computer. My wife and I both take our phones to Bible Study. I keep my regular Bible on the location we are studying, and when our leader starts jumping around all over the Bible, I just use my phone, and can get to the appropriate book, chapter, and verse before he gets there!:thumbup I'm surprised more folks don't use
We were owners/operators of a 57 space RV Park/Campground for 22+years, and finally sold it about a year and a half ago. Do you travel, or are you pretty stationary now? Considering your medical and financial situation, I assume it's the latter.
Welcome again, and I must echo what Patiently wrote about starting a Prayer thread!
Looking forward to your posts.:thumbup


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Hi SonSeeker, thank you for the warm welcome! Yes I love that bible app. It makes it so quick and easy and a great way to save my favorite verses instead of a highlighter in my old bible. Still love my old bible though, it's like a part of me. Lol

That's really awesome about the rv park. I bet you met some interesting people. I did just get back from Arizona where I was for 3 months. Loved it there. I enjoy off-roading (if im going to hurt either way, im going to hurt doing something i enjoy, but I don't go crazy) and az has plenty of open land and trails. Here, I lived on a small airport. The rent was cheap and I knew the owners. But those spaces are gone as they are building hanger homes. Right now the rv is parked, and I am staying with family. My brother and sister in law found out they ate expecting their first baby. Never thought it would happen. Money is tight for them right now and they are worried about child care....so I'm thinking about offering to be a free nanny and stay with them.