Hello friends

It is nice to be here. I came to Christ when I was 17 while reading the Left Behind series. It was my first real exposure to anything from the Bible and...wow, what an introduction! So my love for Bible prophecy was born at the same time I was born again from above. I have lived far from a pure life during periods of time since then, but the Lord's promise of 1 John 1:9 is true. I have maintained a love for prophecy throughout, but recently the Lord directed me to get back more toward what drew me to him in the first place. I feel like that will help me to live a life that reflects the holiness that is mine through Christ. I recently did an online search for Bible prophecy links to bookmark so I can better keep up with the news that relates directly to the Scriptures and not get distracted by every shiny new headline. And I have made sure to follow many trusted Bible teachers who keep our blessed hope at the forefront of their minds as they seek to reach the world for Christ. So anyway, here I am (I accidentally typed "am" in all caps at first. That would have been a very awkward mistake). I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Grace and peace,


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Welcome! We both came to faith through reading -- for me, it was Late Great Planet Earth. Thank God He cast a wide net and drew us in!
Yes. Back in the eighties this girl in art class loaned me her copy of 666, which was an end times novel. I don’t recall the doctrine presented exactly, but I remember “news headlines” figured prominently. I remember praying that if I was here when this stuff started happening, please let me recognize it.

Boy howdy. That prayer has been answered in spades, and keeps on giving.