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Discussion in 'New Member Meet & Greet' started by PamW, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. PamW

    PamW New Member

    I also am a NEW, old member. It's so good to be back! I now live in Georgia after having retired from public schools in WV. I help my daughter and her family with homeschooling and just recently started subbing at a local Christian school.
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  2. lightofmylife

    lightofmylife Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!

    :welcomeBack PamW- New Old Member, we are :D glad to have you come :bighug back for fellowship!:ring
  3. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome back, Pam!
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  4. Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers Imperfect but forgiven

    Welcome, PamW!
  5. pixelpusher

    pixelpusher Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!
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  6. Patiently...

    Patiently... Well-Known Member

  7. Anewcreationinjesus

    Anewcreationinjesus Well-Known Member

    Welcome back pam, am newish on here myself, the fellowship is vital, the emojis are great ....

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  8. chaser

    chaser Well-Known Member

    :waveglad you are back!
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  9. yeshua'sbride

    yeshua'sbride ♥ Standing with Israel

  10. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    Welcome, PamW, nice to have you here!
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  11. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    :welcome2back, Pam!
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  12. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    So glad you've come back, Pam! Welcome!
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  13. Sowen

    Sowen Well-Known Member

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  14. Steve53

    Steve53 Well-Known Member

    Georgia, huh? The South will rise! (Or at least those of us who are rapture ready!) Welcome back!
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  15. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Forums! :welcome
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