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I'm not really a newbie but I feel like one. I have been an active reader of the Rapture Ready forums since the early 2000's, and have always felt uplifted by this website. For many years I was busy raising a family and then went back to full time teaching in the public school system, so I seldom posted on the threads. The last four years were particularly busy as my husband took on the job of being the school superintendent of a local school system- our lives kicked into warp speed and I had little time to visit the Rapture Ready website. Finally, two months ago we retired and I looked forward to having more time to get back to visiting the Rapture Ready forums. Sadly, things took an unexpected turn when my husband suffered a stroke the week after we retired. Our lives have been filled with hospital time, rehabilitation, and doctor visits to prepare for upcoming procedures for heart issues that we had not realized my husband was experiencing. Things are calming down a bit, though, and I do have some time now to check back in and see what's going on with Rapture Ready. I look forward to becoming more involved with the Rapture Ready Community; I have truly missed the wisdom and insights from the members of this board.


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Sounds like we were on the RR board at the same time, biblegirl. Very happy you are back here with us on RF now.
I will be praying for you and your husband as you move thru these physical and medical challenges. It's amazing, the things
that come into our lives and our well-laid plans, and shake things up a bit! But, those are the things that bring us back even
closer to God, allowing our faith to grow even more stronger. The fellowship and love shared here is astounding........... welcome!


God is GOOD!
Welcome back to the forums, Biblegirl! Praying you and your hubby can NOW settle down into retirement and praying for his complete healing and co.eback after his stroke! :hug :pray


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Welcome and so glad you signed up. Praying for you and your dh!:pray may you find great fellowship and encouragement here.