Hawaii-Based F-22s Scrambled On FAA's Request But Nobody Will Say Why

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Would you say that Putin is the last remaining leader who is against the OWG? Are there any others, as of now, who are also resisting it?

I know that Trump and Netanyahu were both in the way to progress forward with that, so I'm curious if there are still other leaders who are the same.

Once every leader is on board with it, it seems like it would move quickly.
Maybe Orban from Hungary and Bolsonaro of Brazil? They will have a LOT of pressure placed on them.


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Crazy ain't it? But maybe there were 17..........Hillary's server. Whoops, that one was probably hacked years ago and technically her handlers destroyed it so maybe just 16 after all. Only 16 will result in a whole bunch of targets that evidently are acceptable to hack/attack. This is crazy.
I don't want to make TT nervous but I'm almost certain he is on the "OK to Hack" list along with these notes:
Cover story: Mild mannered retired USAF computer expert who often posts on extreme right wing conspiracy website.
Red flags:
History of attending NATO and Interpol conferences as "guest speaker".
Residence: Alaskan wilderness, suspiciously close to Siberia.

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One can always contact military Public Affairs Office (PAO) for the base or post the aircraft are based out of for the public "official explanation" If aircraft carrier, the base the ship is based out of. Public info might be on local Hawaii military website, as well