Have you see so many in the world debates about the UFO


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The first time I heard of the cow mutilations (back in the 90s) with 'skilled, laser like precision' it struck me then that it was demonic and probably tissue collection to serve as a meat suit for the demons to masquerade in for their next encounters of the 4th kind victims. They've been reported by some to smell of rotting flesh and a few have said they fled at the mention Jesus.


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I have a suggestion for how to read the Book of Enoch:

I don't consider it Holy Spirit Inspired, either. But it should be treated more like an ancient historical account written by a man, such as Herodatus or Josephus. Both of these historians wrote about events that were mentioned in the Bible.

The reason why those historians are given more credibility than Enoch is because their lifetimes occurred this side of the Flood.
The Pre-Flood era is incorrectly considered to be only myth, but keep in mind that Enoch is a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ.
In addition, the Book of Enoch is quoted in the Bible by Jude.

Also, the Book of Jasher is quoted in either Joshua or Judges.


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Here in the UK, the Guardian and the Telegraph (both heavily subsidised by Gates of course but traditionally not sensational and neither are broadsheets) have both had articles this week about UFO sightings. Everything is gearing up for June when the Pentagon will declassify the UFO intel.
Expect things to get very interesting in this area.

Rocky R.

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I always thought those UFOs were new weapons being tested by the government, and carefully-placed PR people in both media and government would playact saying they’re aliens from another galaxy or whatever.

My guess is that people in government know what the Rapture really is and are in league with the Devil himself to bring the Earth into one world under Antichrist.


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I agree Rocky. All part of the pantomime. The only slight worry I have is that they are going to use the UFO story to imprison us in our homes. Maybe it has nothing to do with the rapture at all.