Have archaeologists found the home of St. Peter? - study


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Have archaeologists found the home of St. Peter? - study
While the location of the Biblical Bethsaida is still debated, archaeologists believe this new find may help settle the debate.
Published: AUGUST 23, 2022

A group of archaeologists believe that they have found the site of the home of St. Peter in the remains of an ancient church on the northeast shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in a site which may be the biblical Bethsaida, the birthplace of three of Jesus’ Apostles – Peter, Andrew and Philip.

Archaeologists from Kinneret College in Israel and Nyack College, NY, led by Prof. Mordechai Aviam and Prof. Steven Notley, found a large Greek inscription during excavations in a structure called the "Church of the Apostles" at the el Araj/Beit haBek dig. The structure dates back to the Byzantine period.

The inscription, which was translated by Prof. Leah Di Segni of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Prof. Yaakov Ashkenazi of Kinneret College, references a donor "Constantine, the servant of Christ" a petition for St. Peter to pray on behalf of the person. The inscription refers to Peter as "chief and commander of the heavenly apostles."

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Peter was not chief apostle. Peter's ministry was to the Jewish people. James was in charge of the church in Jerusalem.

This story does highlight the early development of the myth around Peter's position.

When standing in front of the stone hillside that was used as a temple of Pan at Caesarea Philippi, Christ allowed his Apostles the opportunity to state Christ's identity. "Who do people say that the Son of Man is? They then stated that people thought that Christ was Elijah. Jeremiah or one of the prophets. Christ then asked them 'but who do you say that I am"? Peter them proclaimed correctly "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God".
Jesus then affirms what Peter said about Christ's identity. "Blessed are you Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but My Father which is in heaven". Christ goes on to name Peter a stone, a petros, a building block then goes on to say more. " I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this PETRA I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it".

Christ named Peter a building block of His church. Christ named Himself the Son of God. Christ acknowledged and accepted His title. Prophecy foretells of Christ as The Rock. All through the Old Testament Christ is clearly "The Rock". He is clearly and unambiguously "The Rock". God does not share His Glory!

Why then does the Romanist church bend the scripture to change God's revealed truth? Why do the corrupt traditions of men suddenly become elevated above all prophets revelations? Why do the apologists of Rome ignore the elemental bedrock of Christ being the bedrock of His church alone? Why does Rome want to force God to conform to a new way of formulating truth? Where in scripture does it say, you can add to My Word? Why can't Romanists see that they are not true to God's revealed message contained within revelation.
They can't explain it without going to their own corrupt lawyers and created doctrines.

How does a different Gospel preaching, roman polluting, pagan practicing, scripture scrambling, political power grabbing culture suddenly become the " one true original old timey church".

They cannot.

The truth is very clear. Just because a lie is repeated until it's dug in like a tick cannot make it right.

The first church had no "pope". The first church was Jewish. James, the half-brother of the Lord was the man in the lead at Jerusalem. The first church was not romanist. The first church understood baptism as a ceremonial washing that was a public declaration of belief and faith. The first church had just escaped a compromised priesthood who couldn't accept scripture or grace. The first Christians suffered martyrdom because they had seen a risen Saviour. The first Saints were saints because the believed in Christ, not because they were the product of a committee. The first church didn't believe in sacrimentalizm. The first church took care of Mary until she passed away. The first church knew Deuteronomy prohibited praying to anyone except for God. The first Christians buried Mary.

Why oh why do Catholics think they have any claim to the one true church title? When I finally thought about the FACT that the entire RCC is a house of cards I couldn't run away fast enough.

After I left Rome I sat down in a Bible teaching church and the weight fell off, I could hear the Word of God and worship in truth and spirit. I wept for joy and thanks to God.
The true church is by the Spirit and will of God and is not of men.



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The first church had no "pope".

They wouldn't have had a pope lording over them. The word itself is a Latin term for father. Jesus clearly taught in Matthew 23:9 to call no man your father, that we have only a Father in Heaven. Rome defies God of course, in calling their priests “father” and refer to the popes as “Holy Father”, when that term was only used once in all of Scripture, by Jesus, in John 17, referring to God the Father. They are arrogant enough not to pay any attention to Christ's words but establish their own teachings on who can be called father and holy father.

Labeling Peter as the first pope also creates a false line of apostolic succession; they teach that all their popes have been and are apostles, continuing on since the time of Christ on Earth. The apostolic line though ended with Paul; an apostle had to be present with Christ during his ministry. Paul was an exception in that he met Christ on the Damascus road and special revelations were given to him throughout his ministry. We are even told in Acts that Jesus had selected him as a vessel for his spreading of the gospel. The popes have no connection whatsoever with the true apostles.

They have a repeated history of defying and discrediting what God reveals to us in His Word. They have deleted the second commandment so that they can place statues in their places of worship to pray to and even parade behind the graven images of their “Mary”. They are a church unto themselves and not to God.

They don't believe in the Rapture because that would negate their beliefs in a Purgatory.

They don't believe that Jerusalem should remain united and be the lone capitol of Israel, but that the city should be divided and be an international city.

Over the years, they have had to add numerous other false teachings to corroborate initial fabrications that they invented. Such as, “Mary“ was later declared to be bodily assumed into Heaven, because they reasoned that her body could not see corruption after death since she had never sinned - in their false theology. These and other patently false doctrines leave no doubt that instead of being the self described “One True Church” that they are a massively false representation of a true Christian church.