Has the experiment of an Arab party in the coalition failed? - analysis


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Has the experiment of an Arab party in the coalition failed? - analysis
The right-wing and religious parties seem to rejoice at their own conclusion that the “experiment” has “failed,” because they don't really want to see an Arab party, or Arab parties in the coalition.
Published: JUNE 12, 2022

There is little doubt that unless by some miracle the government will manage to pass the bill for extending the emergency regulations (Judea and Samaria – adjudication of offenses and legal assistance, 2022) for another five years, the government will fall, sooner rather than later. All those who are not among the government’s well-wishers have started to eulogize it, and to arrive at far-reaching conclusions regarding its alleged total failure.

It cannot be disputed that one of the reasons for the government’s expected defeat over this issue results from the fact that when the bill was first brought to the vote in the Knesset plenum last Monday, the members of Ra’am either stayed away from the vote or voted against the bill, and the fact that MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi from Meretz voted against, adding insult to injury by performing a thumbs-down gesture while announcing her vote against the bill.

It doesn’t look like the coalition will manage to reverse this situation by July 1, when the previous five-year law will expire, even if by some miracle Zoabi and MK Mazen Ghanaim from Ra’am will be convinced to resign from the Knesset before that date. However, to conclude from this that the “experiment” of introducing an Arab party into the coalition has failed isn’t really warranted by the facts.

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