Happy Independence Day Everyone!


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We didn't do much today, visited with family yesterday. But my son and his wife found a dog in their alley, all alone but wearing a collar and a leash. They kept texting us and were not sure what to do. The local vets and shelters were all closed for the holiday, but I finally suggested another vet with ER 24/7. and they were able to read the chip and find the owner. If the "lost dog" posts we found online are the right ones, this little doggie may have been stolen and missing for months. So happy Tim and Amanda were there and gave up their day to help.


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I pray everybody in my adopted homeland had a wonderful Fourth of July! This nation is definitely worth celebrating. Pastor Robert Jeffress gave an excellent message on Sunday demonstrating from history and the writings and acts of the Founding Fathers that the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation. Well worth the listen.