Happy Groundhog Day

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I was affected by a weakening of the polar vortex in my neck of the woods... it was like an early spring, kind of. We've never called it a polar vortex though. I'm wondering where that term came from. We just always called it winter... Having been spoiled by that spring like weather when he had temps above zero, I'm looking forward to an early spring. And I can't help but share in a wee bit of Mary's enthusiasm!


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Hmm, right about now I think the groundhog needs a refresher course in weather prediction. We are seriously snowy especially for this time of year, and it's cold outside.

Groundhog: Satisfaction guaranteed or twice your winter back!

Margery to Groundhog, I WAS SATISFIED when you said it would be an early spring, what are U talking about?

Groundhog to Margery: Okily dokily, another 6 weeks for HER!