Happy Birthday RonJohnSilver!


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RJS, my brother, you can add a number to your age every year ... but you'll never catch me! Ha-haaa, I got you beat.
:waaa Um, I just realized the winner gets the first grave. Mommy! I don't want to win!

On the other hand, the bright side is that the "winner" gets to heaven first. :yeah

Joking aside, Ron, I pray your birthday is filled with joy and this next year of your life brings you new and exciting experiences in Christ's service. Happy birthday!!! :birthday

And let's pray the rapture occurs and we all get to be with Jesus at the same time! That will beat ANY birthday present.


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A semi-interesting fact. When I was first learning about prophecy, courtesy of Hal Lindsey, I told a friend of mine that, unless I died an early death, I thought that I would go in the rapture. I thought that it would likely come when I was in my 70s. How I arrived at that I'm not sure, but here I am. I still believe that this is the decade.