'Hamilton' team responds to Texas church's unauthorized performance


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(CNN)A Texas church performed "Hamilton" this weekend, but the team behind the Tony-award winning production says it shouldn't have happened.

"'Hamilton' does not grant amateur or professional licenses for any stage productions and did not grant one to The Door Church," Shane Marshall Brown, a spokesperson for "Hamilton," said in a statement to CNN on Monday.

Officials behind the musical were not aware of the "unauthorized staging" until the day after the church's first of two scheduled performances and sent a cease-and-desist letter, the spokesperson added.

The Door performed "Hamilton" on Aug. 5 and 6 with edited content that included lyrical references to Jesus and Christianity throughout, according to footage of the production shared on social media. A sermon reportedly delivered to the audience also compared homosexuality to drug addiction, according to video.

In an additional statement provided to CNN late Monday, the spokesperson said they were not aware "of the extensive changes to the show or that there would be a sermon at the end" when they allowed Saturday's performance to move forward.

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The church probably should have named the play something else since they made some pretty heavy script modifications to make it more Christian focused... Shmamilton has a nice ring to it.