Hamas: War with Israel unlikely and relations with Egypt improving

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    Hamas: War with Israel unlikely and relations with Egypt improving
    June 18, 2017 18:31
    According to the militant group, they do not initiate wars/
    Palestinians Hamas supporters take part in a rally ahead of the 27th anniversary of the movement founding, in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. (photo credit:REUTERS)

    Hamas played down on Sunday the possibility that the energy crisis in the Gaza Strip would lead to renewed hostilities with Israel and said relations between the Islamist group and Egypt were improving. "We in Hamas do not initiate wars and we do not expect one, this is our political assessment," Khalil al-Hayya, Hamas's deputy leader in the Gaza Strip, told reporters in Gaza. The two adversaries have fought three wars, most recently in 2014. "We do not expect war because we are not interested and the occupation also say they are not interested," he said, using the group's term for Israel. Tensions over power supplies in recent weeks have led to speculation there could be a new conflict between the two sides.

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    I wouldn't say that.
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    For sale, cheap...

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    Or, 'Now the war we'd planned to launch has been circumvented due to bad PR over Qatar funding terrorism & the PA cutting us off. We'll need to first launch a public relations propaganda smear to regain public sympathy so we can ruthlessly launch our campaign of terror."

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