Hamas threatens to ramp up violence after Palestinian gunmen killed in IDF raid


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Hamas threatens to ramp up violence after Palestinian gunmen killed in IDF raid
Gaza-based terror group threatens to meet ‘escalation with escalation’ as Israel launches large-scale operation in West Bank following wave of deadly terror attacks in Israel
By Aaron Boxerman and Emanuel Fabian
31 March 2022

The Hamas terror group threatened on Thursday to escalate violence against Israel, after Israeli forces launched a large-scale anti-terror operation in the West Bank in response to a string of attacks in the last two weeks that have left 11 Israelis dead. Three Palestinian gunmen were killed in a firefight with Israeli troops Thursday when commandos entered the Palestinian city of Jenin in a rare daytime raid and dozens more were arrested, the army said in a statement.

Palestinian Authority health officials reported two deaths and 14 wounded in the clashes. A source involved in the matter later told The Times of Israel that indeed only two deaths had been confirmed, however, another two Palestinians were brain-dead, but still on life support.

“The continuous crimes of the occupation portend a total explosion, which will be still more powerful and more painful and miserable [than those that preceded] and which our people will join in every part of our occupied land,” the Gaza-based terror group said in a statement. Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, threatened to meet “escalation with escalation” and warned of a “comprehensive explosion.”

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