Hamas rockets damage Sderot, Ashdod houses amid ceasefire efforts


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Hamas rockets damage Sderot, Ashdod houses amid ceasefire efforts
Rocket barrage comes as IDF prepares for possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. Plans were to be presented on Thursday to Netanyahu.
MAY 15, 2021

The sixth floor of a multi-story residential building was hit in Ashdod after a massive barrage of rockets was launched from Gaza early on Saturday morning, the Ashdod Municipality Security Officer told Kan News. An MDA spokesman said no injuries were reported. Another two rockets hit Ashdod shortly afterwards, one of which landed at a factory in the city's port, starting a fire. No injuries were reported in all three incidents. Two rockets hit houses in Sderot beside the Gaza border just as Hamas reportedly said that it is prepared for a "reciprocal ceasefire" as rocket barrages continued to slam into southern Israel on Friday. One rocket directly hit a home and caused extensive damage to two additional homes in the neighborhood, with no injuries reported. Another rocket which hit Sderot damaged a store in the city.

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