Hamas leader holds ‘warm’ meeting with Syria’s Assad


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Hamas leader holds ‘warm’ meeting with Syria’s Assad
Hamas leaders met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in efforts to strengthen ties between Hamas and Syria in representation of Syrian factions.
Published: OCTOBER 19, 2022

Senior Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya said on Wednesday that he and representatives of other Palestinian factions held a “historic” meeting in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar Assad and agreed to end the disagreement between his group and Syria. The meeting, the first between Hamas officials and Assad in a decade, paves the way for the restoration of relations between the Gaza-based terror group and Syria.

The crisis between the two sides erupted shortly after the start of the Syrian civil war, when Hamas refused to openly support the Assad regime in its conflict with opposition groups. The Syrians accused Hamas of stabbing them in the back. Hamas retracts any “mistaken action” that was taken in the past against Syria, Hayya said.

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