Hamas demands 'credit' for Jerusalem attack

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    Hamas demands 'credit' for Jerusalem attack
    Hamas spokesman rejects ISIS claim of Jerusalem attack, says it was carried out by two terrorists from the PFLP and one from Hamas.
    Dalit Halevi, 18/06/17 05:39
    Scene of Jerusalem attack

    Hamas on Saturday rejected the Islamic State (ISIS) group's claim of Friday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which 23-year-old Border Police officer Hadas Malka was murdered. Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, told the Palestinian Arab news agency Safa that the perpetrators of the “operation” were two “fighters” from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and that the third terrorist was a member of Hamas.

    ISIS claimed the terrorist attack immediately after it was carried out, saying that it was carried out by "soldiers of the Islamic State" and that additional attacks against the Jews would be expected until the destruction of their state. Hamas had initially welcomed the attack but did not claim responsibility for it.

    In a statement released on Friday night, hours after the attack, Hamas said that “the attack in Jerusalem is renewed proof of the continued revolution of the people against the occupier, and that the intifada continues until full freedom is attained.”

  2. DanLMP

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    This is Islam today.
    Fighting over who's going to get credit for killing.
    Honestly, your Allah doesn't really care just so long as people die.
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    Pure evil.
  4. daygo

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    And the world has its hands over their ears, saying can't hear you.
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