Hamas arrests dozens of Islamic Jihad terrorists

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    Hamas arrests dozens of Islamic Jihad terrorists
    Hamas has reportedly arrested dozens of Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza in an attempt to prevent escalation on the border.
    Ben Ariel, 14/02/19
    Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza.

    Hamas has arrested dozens of Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza in the past few days, Kan 11 News reported on Wednesday. According to the report, Hamas is trying to stop attempts by Islamic Jihad terrorists to deteriorate the security situation on the Gaza border and try to bring about a war with Israel.

    Hamas has also confiscated weapons and rocket launchers that were found in the possession of Islamic Jihad operatives, according to the report. Palestinian Arab sources claimed that Hamas also prevented rocket fire by Islamic Jihad terrorists targeting the Ashdod area.

    Islamic Jihad is demanding the release of all the terrorists arrested and threatening to start a war with Hamas. The Islamic Jihad has upped its anti-Israel rhetoric lately, having threatened to attack Israel’s largest cities. Last month, a spokesman for the Islamic Jihad's military/terrorist wing, said that the group will continue on the path of “resistance”.

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    Divide et conquer.

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