Grilling: Charcoal or Gas


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I knew this would happen some day that I would post in the men's section against the rules! :(

Just call me Gary!

But I just HAVE to say............. doesn't anyone use a Chimney Charcoal Starter? Never use charcoal fluid again!

I use the chimney starter but I still use fluid also. The chimney helps to get the correct amount of charcoal on the grill. And it helps get rid of newspapers.

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My Grandfather owned a BBQ joint in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale ) in the 70's-80's! He served breakfast in the morning and burgers and steak sandwiches ( his speciality! )
for lunch. He had an open pit Q. Highth was adjustable by turning a large wheel. He used just plain briquiets!! The pit was about 8' long! He had a line out the door every day for lunch!!! Great place then!!
Sounds amazing!!!! Btw is your name based from the rez band?