Greta Thunberg takes a Dig at Roger Federer


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'Roger Wake Up Now', Greta Thunberg takes aim at tennis great Roger Federer

'How dare you?' were the words from environment activist Greta Thunberg that shook the world and brought everyone's attention towards the conservation of the planet. Thunberg, who has constantly been working for the welfare of the planet since 2017, criticized tennis great Roger Federer for endorsing Credit Suisse, a Switzerland bank which has invested heavily in fossil fuel enterprise.

There's been a raging protest against Credit Suisse since November 2018 after as many s 12 environment activists entered the bank's Lausanne branch in tennis gear and disrupted the routine activities. The activists also appeared in the court as they were asked to pay EUR 20,000 fine for the disruption.

Now, 20-time grand slam winner Roger Federer has been pulled into the criticism of Credit Suisse due to sponsorship reasons, with #RogerWakeUpNow becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter. Outside the courtroom, several activists also showed up with banners saying, "Crédit Suisse is destroying the planet. Roger, do you support them?"

Thunberg, the Time Person of the Year, retweeted a tweet by Europe which claimed that Credit Suisse has given a huge sum of USD 57 Billion to organisations looking for new fossil fuel deposits which is something environmental activists have been voicing against.

“Since 2016 @CreditSuisse has provided $57 BILLION to companies looking for new fossil fuel deposits - something that is utterly incompatible with #ClimateAction @RogerFederer do you endorse this? #RogerWakeUpNow”, the tweet read.

“For Credit Suisse, Roger Federer is an ideal international ambassador. The values it shares with Credit Suisse, such as the quest for excellence and determination, make it a highly sought-after partner for the long term. It is therefore expected that this partnership with Credit Suisse will extend beyond his sports career,” the Swiss Bank had said on its association with Federer.

As for Federer, the 38-year-old is gearing up for the first Grand Slam of the Year, the Australian Open 2020, which is set to begin from January 20.


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The poor public just can't have a life. You can't even be a tennis player nowadays without having a looney toon activist at your heels. This girl isn't going to stop because she is ADDICTED to the limelight now and when the day comes where that ends, she'll have a meltdown. I just hope she can recover from it, but I don't have a good feeling about that.

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What she may not know is that Roger has actually been helping kids in Africa by helping underprivileged children. Perhaps she needs to pause on some of this angry accusational posturing:

Roger Federer wants to help unprivileged children, not promote himself'

The CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation said that the Swiss player didn't start his Foundation to promote himself, but to help the unprivileged children in Africa and Switzerland. "He is truly committed to improve children’s livee, to empower them.

Just look at the videos featuring him in Africa, when he is visiting the projects and stays with the children in the schools. It speaks by itself", said Händel. "The videos really shows the private Roger Federer, it shows how he is as a human being.

He He is humble, open and able to learn and really wants to give his best. You cannot give your best if you are not improving, if you are not questioning yourself, if you are not learning. On how the Foundation works, Händel added: "We are a team of seven, including four collegues coming from Southern Africa and working in our regional office and three collegues who are based in Switzerland.

Also our Board members are very much involved especially Roger's parents or Tony Godsick. They are extremely active in representing the Foundation and visiting the project or raising funds." On the Match for Africa 6 in Cape Town, she said: "We are in the process of organizing a great entertainment programme to make this event a unforgettable moment......

I believe in the power of people. They might only need some initial empowerment. We know that a good education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it. And we trust in the best will of parents that they want to ensure the best possible opportunities for their children. For 15 years my Foundation has therefore been committed to enable parents and local communities in providing these children with the opportunity for a good education. We have reached one million children by today.

Roger Federer

:pray ing that Greta and family would repent and come to know Jesus Christ as Savior.