Greetings from sunny Arizona


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Basically, I'm introducing myself here so I can explain my avatar and solicit prayers.

This avatar is to honor my son, who is an Army captain with the 3/6 Cav out of Ft. Bliss, TX. He's currently flying Apache helicopters in Northern Afghanistan, and this is the AH-64 Apache's nose art for his unit.

To say I'm a nervous dad would be an understatement. Let's just say my prayer life has grown geometrically. I would like to ask anybody who has a mind to if they would stop occasionally and pray for his safety, and that he comes home healthy and uninjured. His name is Matt.

I really would appreciate it.

I'm open to questions.

Thanks, and God bless.



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Welcome! I'm fairly new here too. It's a warm and welcoming community.

Thank you for the contribution your family is making for our safety.

Lord God, protect Matt, his crew and his unit while he serves our great country. Thank you for the brave men and women that serve in our armed forces. And Lord please bless with Your wisdom and direct with Your unfailing will, their Commander and Chief. Amen.


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Welcome to RF, Dave and when you familiarize yourself, please post a prayer request for your son who is serving our country, in the Prayer Requests and Praise Reports forum
Please do, Dave. And welcome to RF. May God bless your son for his service for this nation that God raised up to spread the gospel throughout the world, taking the place of Great Britain who allowed the torch to slip from her grip.


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Thank you everybody for the encouraging comments and the prayers.

We are in almost daily contact with him through WhatsApp, and what he tells us is encouraging. Their mission is to turn the fighting over to the Afghans as quickly as possible, so he's going into harm's way a lot less than those who went before him.

As a side note I have to say how amazing it is that he is literally in combat, but we get to text with him like he is right next door. His grandfather, who flew right at the end of the Korean War and throughout Vietnam, has said it sure beats having to write letters with a couple weeks lag time, or making only very occasional phone calls home.

Again, thanks to everybody for your prayers.


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:welcome2to RF, Dave! This is a great place to learn more about our Savior, pray for each other, read articles on a myriad of subjects, tell or read a few jokes, and generally hang out with like-minded Christians!
There's a few of us here who are Arizonans, I'm in Marana, you? If you don't wish to say, that's ok, too.