Greetings from Scotland!


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Hello from across the water. Your people settled heavily in my area of the mountains. Now kindly explain Haggis please! I tried it once at a Highland games festival and am still trying to wrap my head around it :D


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Yep! I remember that from holidays in Scotland as a kid. Umbrellas no. Raincoats yes. :D

Welcome Lismore. I'm mostly Scottish. Mum is Scottish and Dad has some Scottish blood too.


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Scottish Christian here! Good to meet you all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I think I registered here several years back but hadn't been on in a while. That will change now that we're so near the Lord's return. Good to meet you all.

I'm 37, have two part time jobs in a library, member of a great church, help out evangelising among the Chinese students in the city. Exciting times to be alive!