Greetings From Gotham!

Kent Grayson

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@AndyC Thank you.

@Patiently... Hi there.

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@Brother Albert R. Thank you. Actually Superman does apeal more to me than the Batman. I made my name of "Kent Grayson", based on my favorite fictional characters of all time, and they are (Clark) Kent, and (Richard) Grayson (the first Robin, today known as Nightwing). Thats the reason that I have them as my avatar picture. Thank you brother, may Jesus Christ bless you too. Do you also like comic books?

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@kathymendel Thank you very much. I look forward to chatting with you all.

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@Channah Thank you. Gotham is in New York (specifically south of 14th street in Manhattan), but now some writers claim that its in New Jersey...

@Amethyst Richard Grayson was originally also from Gotham when he was under gaurdianship of the Bat, and hes also in the picture with Supes.

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@Cindy S. Thank you very much sister. Glory to Jesus Christ.

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@Dave Holy geographical find! Youre right, but the term “Gotham”, is also another name for New York City in real life. Hence all of the mob wiseguys, NY/NJ accents, and atmosphere in the Batman's stories.

@Leigh Hi there.

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Thank you all for your warm welcome, I look forward to chatting, with alll of you brothers and sisters in our Creator and God Jesus Christ.

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I don't think I have welcomed welcome nice to meet you.:welcome2 so question bat man or nightwing?

We actually have a member named batman here I've seen him around somewhere here lol