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Well, I'm 33 and I'm married to my wonderful Misty, and I have a step daughter, Rebecca. She is already 15. I'm a brother that longs nearly every moment for our Lord's appearing in the clouds. I've been roughing it with various health issues, anxieties, etc. for the past few years, but I'm hoping that our Lord will deem fit to heal me. I'm sure there is more, but I'm not exactly excellent at introductions. I'm sure you will get to know me more through our interactions on these threads and I look forward to that.
Hello Eric,
You said that you’ve been dealing with some health issues and anxieties. Maybe you might want to start a thread in the prayer forum?


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Hello Eric and welcome to the Rapture Forums! :hug This forum has many prayer warriors and there are some excellent Bible scholars and teachers on here. I have learned a lot from them and to me it is almost like being a member of an on-line church. I hope you enjoy learning about current world events and how it relates to Bible prophecy because this is the site to be on. :)

Andy C

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Welcome to the forum.

You are already off to good start by posting 149 times. Lots of good fellowship here.



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Welcome Eric! Looks like you have made yourself at home here already amongst our awesome family of believers!
May the Lord bless your fellowship here and may He strengthen you to stand strong in your faith.
May He heal you from all your anxieties and bless your family.