Greek ambassador: Turkish threat in Mediterranean reaches Israel's shores


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Some important bits of the article:

"At the same time, there are shared security concerns for Israel, Greece and Cyprus in relation to the project, with Turkey making claims to a large part of the Mediterranean. In November, Turkey and Libya signed a maritime agreement, trying to establish exclusive economic zones (EEZ) for their countries in the Mediterranean Sea, overlapping with Greece and Cyprus’ territorial waters.

“We’re used to having problems with Turkey over the years but found ways of managing more or less,” Sarris said of his country’s historic enemy, “but this was too much. They signed a memorandum with Libya saying these countries have sea borders. It’s sufficient to see the map of the Mediterranean to understand that this is nonsense.”

Sarris pointed out that Turkey never accepted the Law of the Sea, which has been signed by 157 countries beginning in 1982, and now Turkey claims that they may drill seven miles south of Crete - a Greek island with a population of a million people - but Greece can’t.

“This puts us in a difficult position, because if they drill [in Greek waters], we have to respond,” Sarris added.

When it comes to Turkey, Greece’s “reflexes are a bit like yours with Iran,” Sarris said.

And Israel has reason to be concerned, as well.

“If were are overpowered in the Mediterranean, Israel will feel the impact of this resurrection of the old Ottoman empire,” the ambassador warned."