Great Reset: Cut Down on Meat and Travel Less to Save the World, Says UK Science Chief

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People should eat less meat and travel less in order to save the planet from the alleged climate crisis, a scientist who became well known to the public as a face of the government’s coronavirus response has said.

Appearing before a House of Lords committee on Tuesday, Sir Patrick Vallance claimed that in light of climate change he has altered his diet and has opted to travel less and suggested that the public follow suit.

“I’m eating less meat, I cycle to work and I fly less than I used to,” the government’s top science advisor said according to The Telegraph. “I haven’t said I stopped flying or I don’t eat meat – I do. I think it’s about reduction, and appropriate reduction across society.”

Me, I'm traveling more and eating more meat. Trying to eat healthier and enjoy what life I've got left by doing what I want to do.

Climate changes. Every year, every day, every minute, every where. Get used to it. Accept it.


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I remember back in the 70s the cliimate alarmists were hysterical over global freezing, screaming we were headed for another ice age. Of course, that didn't happen. More recently it was all about global warming, but when there was no proof of it, they renamed it "climate change." Thing is, without realizing they were telling the truth, they called it correctly ~ climate change, because the climate has been changing ever since God created the earth. That's what the climate does ~ it changes. :doh


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...he says, then gets on his private jet....

Amen!!! The more they say 'restrict know, for the good of all..." (while not showing how THEY are cutting back...) the more I think I'll just enjoy things God gave us to enjoy!!!

When politicians, scientists, religious leaders do the things they press others to do, I might listen to them, not that I'll obey them. I thought leaders were to show by example, serve the people, yada yada


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the more I think I'll just enjoy things God gave us to enjoy!!!
Amen to that! God gives us all the good things in life to enjoy. It is typical of the enemy to want to remove good things from our lives - he comes only to kill, steal and destroy. He uses war, politicians, climate change, or anything else he can.

It says in Revelation that during the Tribulation the sun will scorch the earth. So that is going to happen, whether people try to stop it or not. I'm relaxed about whether there is any human element in climate change or not. I don't think there is, but if there was, and if humans reduced all CO2 emissions, and even reversed the amount of that gas in the atmosphere, the sun will still scorch the earth because God says it is going to happen!