Great JOY!!


God is GOOD!
Great JOY!!
By: Maxine M.

“I bring you Good Tidings of great JOY!!”, the Angel at Jesus’ birth said
What better news could ever be heard than, ‘TODAY the Savior is lying in His manger bed’
He had come to SAVE those who would believe & follow Him on the sacrificial road He tread

Seeing and hearing the Angel made these lowly, humble shepherds JOYful & bold
The shepherds came in haste to acknowledge the things they’d been told
Pondering, wondering just what about these events would unfold

His Coming had been prophesied from the Garden of Eden, how He’d defeat the enemy one day
But did the shepherds fully understand the Angel’s words; could this Baby be the Savior as the words convey?
Once they had seen Him, they went out and made known the Angel’s words without delay

Going back to their flocks, the JOY of that night was deeply ingrained their hearts and minds
Eight days later an elderly prophet felt that JOY and Simeon’s long wait and His birth now aligned
Anna also experienced great JOY at seeing the infant Savior, humanity & Deity intertwined

Now as we celebrate His Coming and hear again the Angel’s message that Holy Night
It should fill us with the same great JOY, making the future Glorious and bright
For those “Good Tidings” are as relevant today as when those shepherds were given such JOYous insight

We should feel even GREATER JOY because He said, “I will come AGAIN unto you”
My peace I give you, I’ll be there to comfort & guide in all you ever do
Another Angel told the Disciples, “He will come again in like manner”…their words we KNOW are true

The Lord made this promise, “I’ll keep you from the hour of trial”…before the arrival of tribulation for 7 years
The trumpet will sound, the dead will arise, our bodies changed, as in the clouds He appears
The Christmas Baby now TRIUMPHANT as Satan’s end nears

The people the shepherds told wondered & listened, but then went on their way
We also hear, but all too often store the message away, not willing to submit & obey
Thinking we’re “religious”, but in TRUE repentance never really knelt to pray

However, Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me”
Not by “lip service” to appear devout or outward piety for others to see
But on the Father’s plan of Salvation you basically agree

Only if, like the shepherds, you too come with HASTE to give Him praise & worship…truly from the heart
JOYful & eager to accept His Gift of Salvation, writing our names on the Lamb’s Book of Life’s chart
Being very grateful for His FIRST Coming; anxiously waiting for His return…when eternal life He will impart

So when we face all the world’s bad news (the devil’s attempts to steal our JOY)
The wonder & awe we should STILL feel at the birth of this Holy Baby Boy
Remember, the enemy Satan comes only to kill, steal and utterly destroy

And if he’s allowed to take away our JOY, the Christmas season is just a function we “DO” every year
But as we recall the Angel’s words, “Good Tidings of GREAT JOY”…we keep the message CLEAR
We’ll be daily expecting the 2nd Coming…hopeful & joyful for that time to be VERY NEAR