Gravity fed spring water system


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Just hoping someone may know about these home water systems. I have a spring fed plumbing system where a spring feeds into a 100gal water tank up a hillside behind my house. Then a line from the tank to the house, no pump, just gravity. The spring has been good for over a hundred years and still provides all we need. Friday, I rented a 300 gallon sprayer to spay my fields and drained the tank, no problems ever doing this before, but for some reason now there is just a trickle coming out of the faucets. The water tank is full and I seem to have water before it gets to the house, but none comes out of the faucets.

Is there some reason the system is not filling itself up again after draining?? Just hoping for some help. Thanks!!

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In Colombia we had a similar system we built that brought water from up the mountain and into what was a large holding tank. The tank had a float on it just like a toilet so when it reached a certain point the float would be in a position to shut off the water source.

If you have a filter installed before the tank, check that and clean it. If you don't expect to find a clogged pipe... probably.

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If it's a sediment/mineral clog/deposits, might be as simple as unscrewing the aerator at the end of your faucet and cleaning it out. Vinegar will dissolve limestone/calcium deposits. If there's enough sediment or mineral, you may have to turn off the water and take out the whole faucet and clean it. If you have to deal with the whole faucet, as long as you're at it anyway, check the washers and replace if necessary.

If not a clog or deposit, if you drained the whole thing out, you might have an air bubble/vacuum. Open the faucet(s) and then open up the tank. Kind of like opening up the gas tank on your car if you get vapor lock. Have someone at the other end so he or she can turn off the faucet when it starts flowing. Then close the tank. Depending on your set-up, may have to deal with it at the spring end. Also check the spring end in case when you drained and then filled, the suction might have pulled something into the inlet causing vacuum.

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