Google Search is Bad. On Purpose.


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Google Search is Bad. On Purpose.
By Daniel Greenfield

Charlie Warzel of Galaxy Brain has an Atlantic essay on Google that’s far short of Galaxy Brain. It recapitulates the now famous thread on why searching Reddit is better than searching Google, and offers random speculation on what’s wrong with Google Search and whether it might not be “leaving us behind”.

It’s packed with so many Google apologetics, I certainly hope that Google paid for it, e.g.

Google search might be worse now because, like much of the internet, it has matured and has been ruthlessly commercialized. In an attempt to avoid regulation and be corporate-friendly, parts of it might be less wild. But some of what feels dead or dying about Google might be our own nostalgia for a smaller, less mature internet. Sullivan, the Search liaison, understands this longing for the past, but told me that what feels like a Google change is also the search engine responding to the evolution of the web…

Haynes agrees that ads’ presence on Search is worse than ever and the company’s decision to prioritize its own products and features over organic results is frustrating. But she argues that Google’s flagship product has actually gotten better and much more complex over time. That complexity, she suggests, might be why searching feels different right now.


The problem with Google Search can be easily summarized as a lack of competition. Aside from Bing and satellite search sites like DuckDuckGo that use Bing’s search index, there’s nothing.

Google so thoroughly dominates search that there’s no competition. And so no incentive for it do anything except monetize search up to its eyeballs.

Alphabet doesn’t need good searches. Its searches are so bad because it stopped having any interest in having you find things a while back. What it wants you to do is…

1. Click on its services.

2. Click on its ads.

3. Search in predictable ways so that it can sell ads.

Helping you find things is not on the list because Google does not make money if you spend 2 seconds clicking on the first search result and find what you’re looking for.

Google makes more money when you can’t find things than when you do. It makes more money when it serves you bad results. It makes more money when it ignores what you searched for and instead serves up the results that make it money.

This is the definition of why monopolies are terrible. But Google has a monopoly on internet search for reasons I’ve gone into before. And so internet search is terrible and as Google, like most big companies, gets hungrier, they’re going to get worse.


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Yet another reason to avoid Google - try Qwant or Startpage, at they they still respect your privacy - DuckDuckGo not so much any more since after security researchers discovered a hidden tracking agreement with Microsoft. Namely, while Google’s and Facebook’s trackers are being blocked by DuckDuckGo, those of Microsoft are allowed to continue running.


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Here are some new search engines that I have not tried because of their names. Maybe I am being too quick to judge:

Green New Answers
Updated Answers/Best Credit Cards
Big Brother
Click Now - Only One Answer Left
I Ching
Cha Ching!
Enter Your SSN and Unlock the Universe
Fauci’s Viewpoint
Babes Who Live Near You


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Startpage is no better. I have used Google and Startpage searching for something specific. Neither got results, but both got the same answers. Never heard of Quant before. I will try that one next.
Startpage does use Google it just blocks Google from you Browser Profile and Tracking cookies - more like a proxy to Google - so the results will be similar you are just not being tracked - there is also Brave Search here -

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Bing is also tracking you just like Google but it is Microsoft doing the tracking and profiling

I know. I use them because I want to minimize my google use... and Bing pays me to search... I don't really care about the tracking and profiling all that much. When searching, I'm most interested in getting good search results, and to be honest, Bing is worse than google and seemingly getting worse by the day, just like google is.


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I’ve never looked at any of these search engines as ‘serving me’. They are a business. Plain and simple. That is the business of collecting and selling data, along with selling ads.
I am so used to ignoring pop up ads that I don’t even look at them.