Google 'blacklisted' The Christian Post, whistleblower reveals ... and others


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As you state, with the control of Social media, MSM, schools, universities, and the technology giants, it would be a miracle in itself for Trump to resume in a second term...that is if he makes it to that second term, if you know what I mean. It seems the left is controlling all the propaganca machines, and because of it they are making huge progress even despite their lunacies and crazy behavior. What they want is a socialist state where they can dictate our behavior and indoctrinate our consciences. Well, for those of us who are informed (1 Thess 5:1-11), this will will not suffice. All I can say is Maranatha - Oh, Lord Come! Till then, buckle up and trust Jesus in everything.
But remember there is a God in heaven!


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But remember there is a God in heaven!

We only have to live in this world until HE calls us home. And remember the words of someone far smarter and wiser than many of us, me in particular (making a yooooge assumption there, so asking for forgiveness in advance :biggrin )... "We are immortal until our work is done." George Whitefield

So, I look at all of this political folderal (read discourse or conversation or even debate) as something we have to live with, something we're able to have a limited impact upon, a responsibility and franchise but ultimately a multipurpose, multi-tool of opportunity to make inroads into lives that might otherwise be closed off or dead-ends.

And back to your comment, RIGHT ON! We always have to remember and have faith in WHO'S in charge above all other considerations and worries. You stated a universe of truth with seven words. :thumbsup