Google Bans Disagreeing With Its Politics


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Google Bans Disagreeing With Its Politics
By Daniel Greenfield

Not all that long ago, Google decided that questioning the 2016 election results (not to mention the 2000 presidential election results) was just fine, but that you would be banned if you questioned the 2020 election results.

Now Google is taking some more of the Don’t Be Evil mask off by banning ads for and ads on content that disagree with its political stance on global warming.

Google, an illegal search monopoly, makes most of its money from an ad empire that it illegally created through the complicity of the Clinton administration. Now it’s leveraging that monopoly to further stifle conservative voices and its political opposition.

YouTube is already heavily censored, but Google’s latest move would intimidate sites into not running any criticisms or challenges of the leftist claims about global warming, and obviously suppress ads for conservative sites.

It’s the latest Big Tech move to suppress the conservative political opposition in favor of the leftist ruling class.

And it’s another reminder that breaking up Google is both doable, lawful, and long overdue. It’s one of the most urgent pieces of business when it comes to Big Tech.

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My cousin is a Christian, and I don't know how he handles it but he worked for Google, and now he's working for Facebook. But maybe this is why God did not allow me to get a job there.


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Your cousin must have a lot of self-control. If I worked at either place, I'd be fired the first day before lunchtime because I can't keep my Christian and conservative opinions to myself. I used to think my grandmother was missing that little voice we all have in our heads that says "maybe you shouldn't say that out loud" because she seemed to say whatever popped into her mind. But, when I turned 50, I realized that it wasn't that she was missing it, she was simply ignoring it because that's what I started to do with the willfully ignorant and woke ~ and I'm still tellling them like it is 10 years later. :lol
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Google is racist because it will not hire convicted felons, or keep convicted felons on the payrolls of companies it buys.
Regardless of why, people of color, especially African Americans, are more likely to have a felony record.
Therefore, Google is racist and the corporate officers and Board of Directors need to be fired, fined, and made public examples.
There are a lot of people, of all races/ethnicities and both genders, who have lost good jobs and risked probation/parole violation because of this :tappingfoot

How is this disconnect between woke politics and real-world action allowed to continue? Is Google "too good" to embrace and act in accordance with the wokeness it promotes?


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I don't use google except as a last resort, but how is the company's ads empire illegally created? The author makes some pretty strong statements yet doesn't back them up with anything.