Good Morning from Michigan


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Good morning,

I'm glad to have found After a disappointing experience with Facebook which lasted for nearly a year, I decided to take a break. After six months of absence, I thought I would give it another try, but this time have it not with family and "friends," but quietly start back up seeking like minded believers who would like to fellowship and talk about a variety of subjects from a Christian perspective. I will say that Facebook is still a disappointing experience. It's hard to understand, for example, how you can share your thoughts and things that you've found to be a blessing, but one of your Christian friends is more consumed with playing a Facebook game than fellowship, and I'm talking about someone in their fifties. During my first time with Facebook, I was both enlightened and saddened by the direction that so many have taken. The corrupting influence of the world is widespread and many, who I know were raised with a conservative Christian influence, have gone the way of the world. There seems to be a schizophrenic mind in many believers. I've seen posts by people that were so vulgar and then later they would be "praising God." I've seen so many young people (and older ones too) who name the name of Christ who have been so terribly influenced by the world. The Satanic influence is everywhere, even in many churches. There is a great darkness here in America. Like the frog in a scientific experiment that's placed in water that's slowly heated and will not jump out but die there, the gradual decline in the moral fiber of this country has brought many, who once had an ear for God's word, to a place of deafness, where their hearts have become cold and corrupted. Television, music and Hollywood have become a sewer. I watch very little television these days, and that's a good thing. I don't go to the movie theater either, and there's not much in the popular music industry that's to my liking. There was an old country song that asked "who's gonna fill their shoes." That's where the convicting part comes in. Where are the leaders from the next generation? What about myself? What am I doing? I use to sit down in front of that mind altering box and allow it to affect my thinking, but I thank God for his grace and for opening my eyes to the true Satanic nature of much of the media offerings. My wife and I are now looking to return to church. Trying to find a Bible believing church that will draw a line in the sand is hard. One of the largest churches in my area, which I attended years ago, is so seeker friendly that I seldom even heard the name of Jesus. I would call that seeker unfriendly. It's also hard to find a church that teaches all of the Bible. We've found one in our area that we're going to try and from listening to the pastor's sermons online, I'm very positive about the church. The other day I was looking for end time news on the internet and came across raptureforums. I believe that it was by God's direction that I'm here today. I find the level of participation and the broad scope of subject matter, encouraging. This seems to be an oasis for believers, and I look forward to my time here, as a member of this community.

Your friend,



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Welcome to RF, Steve. We are glad you came in. Your experience is similar to many who are members here. May I ask what part of Michigan you are in? (You can PM the answer if you do not want to post it on an open board.)


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A deeply heartfelt warm welcome Steve. Praise the Holy Lord that you found us here. Please do PM Mattfivefour, my husband and I know him and his wife personally and they are great folks! We are delighted to have yet another solid Christian here and look forward to seeing more of your posts.

I gave up TV in 2008 and still refuse to have television in our home. Haven't been to a theater since Passion Of The Christ recut in 2005. You are spot-on about the horrific compromise of the church, unfortunately, but I also wonder if at least some of these Facebook people you've been meeting are atheists who are lying about being Christians in an effort to discredit the church. God bless you deeply, we all hope you find some solid encouragement on these boards. Time allowing, please do dig around in the Bible Study Q&A and Bible Readings, Reflections And Devotions boards, there are some truly awesome threads there.

In Christ, Meg (Robert's wife)


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:hug :welcome: to the boards, Steve! It's good to have you here!

Sadly, the church is under assault not from without, but within. Many are compromised, attempting to walk as both friends of the Lord and friends of this world. But even so, the Lord is still working in these last hours; the light of the Gospel is still shining and calling to all who will come.

Once again, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here bro!


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Welcome Steve! I agree with your post aboout the state of tv, mainstream music, and the direction of some churches. I really enjoy this forum, and please follow Meg's advice and look through all the areas. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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Thank you all, for your kind words and welcomes. The sky today was more blue and the air fresher, thanks to you. Meg, I will explore RP, and thank you for your advice on where to begin. If there are any other recommendations for a new member, I welcome everyone's counsel.