Good evening everyone

Erin 2015

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Good evening everybody,

I've been a long time visitor of this forum since High School over a decade ago at least and ya'll have really blessed me with all the posts I've read over the years. It's from this website I found Jack Kelly and Andy Wood, learned more about the rapture, was cautioned against certain teachings online like LS and SDA, and just in general have been a blessing to me. I hope that I can get to know ya'll better and "grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ" with ya.

A few (not personally revealing) things about me that don't (hopefully) break the rules:

I believe in the pre trib rapute (haha, no surprise), I love dachshunds, my favorite TV show is Dragnet 1967, and my name is not Erin, but that is the name I used when I first interacted with Rapture Ready in 2015 when I sent an email to the "Dear Esther" thing they use to have.

Really folks, maybe it feels a little distant given the online nature of this forum, but the wisdom I've read and found on this board over the years has really been a blessing to me in many a spiritual crisis. So know that your posts of encouragement and love mean something, even if you think no one is reading them; I'll tell you what, I sure did.