Good Evening All!


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Hello siblings in Christ!
I don’t usually bother with these things online, but this forum is important to me, so here goes!
I’ve been lurking here since 2006 so it’s only fair you know something about me ;)

I'm a Lutheran, single by choice, twice-blessed Indigenous female from Alberta, Canada; still on the good side of 40, and a cat mom of 2 (so far).
As I see how the world is going, I’m thankful God didn’t allow me the ability for actual children.

My entire life (since age 4) was spent being a caregiver to my mum who I lost suddenly last year, so my brain is just coming out of shock and trying to discover who I am alone.
Not to overshare, but I know we all get curious! She was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it ravaged her body very young. Goodness was she a prayer warrior though! Her constant faith was an example to me growing up.

We had both been avid readers of RR and this forum, so we knew we wouldn’t be apart for long!
Her dad (my Grandpa) was a Word-based Lutheran pastor, and a damn good one if I can brag. I belonged to Christ before I was known! They helped guide me until they passed unexpectedly (seems to happen a lot around me lol).
Without them, and without an actual biblical church in my area anymore, Spiritual loneliness drove me to finally create an account here.

I’m looking forward to learning from you wonderful souls.
I’m even more looking forward to meeting you all in heaven with Christ :dance

As our dearly missed Jack Kelley said, “You can almost hear His footsteps…”


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:welcome @FindingJoy and thank you for the introduction. Every time I read of someone who has had their share of struggles it reminds me, this isn't our home. It is so nice to hear that you are keeping your focus is on what's to come. You will see your mum again, and she will be young and free of sickness. I know what you mean about children, I certainly wouldn't want to be growing up right now.

Anyway welcome and I look forward to reading your posts!

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We're all here to help each other remember the rules. :hug I've forgotten them here and there myself but have appreciated people gently reminding. At times with certain threads I'll double check the rules just make sure I'm not crossing boundaries.

And you can always double check with Chris or TT if your not sure. :)



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Been fun here all!
Look forgot meeting you all upward.
Going back to lurking, it seems safer for me. Don't want to get IP banned or something lol, I desperately still need this forum.
I agree. It has been fun but lurking can't get you in trouble.
Agree with the posts above about fellowship. All are needed here. Both of you have a sense of humor and a sweetness. I would greatly miss that if you go back to lurking. :hug