Golf match today

Andy C

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12pm West Coast time, there is a charity golf match On TV thats expected to raise over 10 million dollars for Coronavirus relief.

Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning verse Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady.

Andy C

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I wonder to whom the money will go.
Bill Gates...... :biggrin2

Good question, which Im sure will be addressed during the event.

I just want to watch live sports again, even this event which will probably include lots of trash talking and comedy from Peyton.

I think Tiger/Peyton will win.

Tall Timbers

Imperfect but forgiven
Woods, Manning Win a TV Charity Match as Good as the Real Thing

Tom Brady delivered the shot of the match that made it easy to forget the rest of his swings. Tiger Woods didn’t miss a fairway and earned a small measure of revenge against Phil Mickelson.

The PGA Tour is set to return in just over two weeks, and it has a tough act to follow.
In the second and final charity match that brought live golf to TV, this exhibition was as entertaining as the real thing.

Woods lagged a long birdie putt close enough that his partner, Peyton Manning, didn’t have to putt. That secured a 1-up victory over Mickelson and Brady in “The Match: Champions for Charity.”

The goal was to raise $10 million or more for COVID-19 relief funds, and online donations sent money climbing toward about twice that much.