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Did you know that there is a statue to the demons Gog and Magog in the City of London, London, England outside Freemasons Hall and boy are they ugly?

Sean Osborne

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This is man-made mythology and really has nothing to do with the Gog/Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39.

Sean Osborne

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Could you explain why you feel this way?
Not to argue but there is no man made mythology in the Bible.
Robert Cragg,

I think you may have misunderstood my point. The only truth relative to Gog/Magog is that which is contained in Ezekiel 38/39.

The statues in London (or those in Australia or elsewhere) have nothing to do with the Word of God. It is these things, these graven images, and the nonsensical lore surrounding them which are the man-made myths I referred to.

Robert Cragg

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Did you know that there is a statue to the demons Gog and Magog in the City of London, London, England outside Freemasons Hall and boy are they ugly?
I believe in the war in Ezekiel, but all Gog and Magog mean is. Gog is A leader and Magog a Country.

Alot of Theologians believe they refer to Russia, who will invade Israel from the North. However they will be doing the work of satan, so to say demons is a good discription, there evil along with all the nations who join them.
Brother Robert.


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Robert (and Admzaa),

The reference to Gog/Magog statues is a mythological one, borrowing the biblical name. It is not based on the Gog/Magog of scriptures.

Clip from wiki: Gog and Magog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gog and Magog in Britain


Given this somewhat frightening Biblical imagery, it is odd that images of Gog and Magog depicted as giants are carried in a traditional procession in the Lord Mayor's Show by the Lord Mayor of the City of London. According to the tradition, the giants Gog and Magog are guardians of the City of London, and images of them have been carried in the Lord Mayor's Show since the days of King Henry V. The Lord Mayor's procession takes place each year on the second Saturday of November.

The Lord Mayor's account of Gog and Magog says that the Roman Emperor Diocletian had thirty-three wicked daughters. He found thirty three husbands for them to curb their wicked ways; they chafed at this, and under the leadership of the eldest sister, Alba, they murdered them. For this crime, they were set adrift at sea; they were washed ashore on a windswept island, which after Alba was called Albion. Here they coupled with demons, and gave birth to a race of giants, among whose descendants were Gog and Magog.[45]

An even older British connection to Gog and Magog appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's influential 12th century Historia Regum Britanniae, which states that Goemagot was a giant slain by the eponymous Cornish hero Corin or Corineus. The tale figures in the body of unlikely lore that has Britain settled by the Trojan soldier Brutus and other fleeing heroes from the Trojan War. Corineus is supposed to have slain the giant by throwing him into the sea near Plymouth. Wace (Roman de Brut), Layamon (Layamon's Brut) (who calls the giant Goemagog), and other chroniclers retell the story, which was picked up by later poets and romanciers. John Milton's History of Britain gives this version:

The Island, not yet Britain, but Albion, was in a manner desert and inhospitable, kept only by a remnant of Giants, whose excessive Force and Tyrannie had consumed the rest. Them Brutus destroies, and to his people divides the land, which, with some reference to his own name, he thenceforth calls Britain. To Corineus, Cornwall, as now we call it, fell by lot; the rather by him lik't, for that the hugest Giants in Rocks and Caves were said to lurk still there; which kind of Monsters to deal with was his old exercise.

And heer, with leave bespok'n to recite a grand fable, though dignify'd by our best Poets: While Brutus, on a certain Festival day, solemnly kept on that shore where he first landed (Totnes), was with the People in great jollity and mirth, a crew of these savages, breaking in upon them, began on the sudden another sort of Game than at such a meeting was expected. But at length by many hands overcome, Goemagog, the hugest, in hight twelve cubits, is reserved alive; that with him Corineus, who desired nothing more, might try his strength, whom in a Wrestle the Giant catching aloft, with a terrible hugg broke three of his Ribs: Nevertheless Corineus, enraged, heaving him up by main force, and on his shoulders bearing him to the next high rock, threw him hedlong all shatter'd into the sea, and left his name on the cliff, called ever since Langoemagog, which is to say, the Giant's Leap.

Michael Drayton's Poly-Olbion preserves the tale as well:

Amongst the ragged Cleeves those monstrous giants sought:
Who (of their dreadful kind) t'appal the Trojans brought
Great Gogmagog, an oake that by the roots could teare;
So mighty were (that time) the men who lived there:
But, for the use of armes he did not understand
(Except some rock or tree, that coming next to land,
He raised out of the earth to execute his rage),
He challenge makes for strength, and offereth there his gage,
Which Corin taketh up, to answer by and by,
Upon this sonne of earth his utmost power to try.


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Good find, p!

We need to be careful that we don't confuse legends with scripture; otherwise, we end up with a mess.

Robert Cragg

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If it is in the Bible Scriptures it is not legend, the whole Bible is absolute truth, it is God Breathed and Inspiried by the Holy Spirit. We should never doubt in it's living word.
That is a type of Blasphhemy.
If you watch and read what's going on in Israel right now this war mentioned in Ezekiel 38 & 39 is very close to happening anytime now.
This is not the same Gog & Magog that is mentioned in Revelavtion 20: 8-15.

Robert Cragg

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If I misunderstood that everyone is talking about the statues, and not the Biblical Scriptures, then I apologize.

Sean Osborne

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Debkafile report...

Russia builds key naval HQ in Syria: Missile presence worries Israel

A high-ranking Russian navy source reported July 21 that the Soviet-era naval maintenance base near Tartus in Syria is to be expanded and modernized to become "fully operational." DEBKAfile's military sources report that Russian is building the facility up as its main sea base for operations in four seas: The Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean and Red Seas. The upgrade of Russian port facilities at Tartus, its only foothold in the Mediterranean, will automatically enhance Moscow's strategic interests in Syria and Bashar Assad's regime.

The Russian source said that the 50 naval personnel and three berthing floats currently deployed at Tartus with accommodation for up a dozen warships will be beefed up with a new berthing float delivered by two tugboats from the Black Sea Fleet. DEBKAfile's sources disclose that those warships will include large vessels such as the nuclear-armed guided missile cruiser Peter the Great and the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, which called in at Tartus in January.

In September 2008, DEBKAfile first disclosed that the Russian Navy commander Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky and his Syrian counterpart Gen. Taleb al-Barri, had signed contracts for converting Tartus into one of Russia's most highly-developed naval infrastructures outside its territory. Its warships based there will capable of reaching the Red Sea through the Suez Canal and the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar in a matter of days. For original disclosures click HERE and HERE.

Israel is deeply concerned, according to our military sources, by the sophisticated air-defense S-300PMU-2 and Iskander-E missile systems the Russians propose to hand Syria on the pretext of installing a shield to defend the facility against air or missile attack. Moscow claims they will remain under the control of Russian crews but, according to information reaching Israel, they will be quietly and gradually handedover to the Syrian army; the Russian teams are in fact instructors.

Russia justifies this, according to DEBKAfile's Moscow sources, by the deployment of the highly sophisticated American FBX-T missile-interception radar systems at the Israeli Negev base of Nevatim.

Furthermore, Moscow will have its rejoinder for the disputed US deployment of missile interceptors in Eastern Europe. As we reported last September, the Russian Black Sea fleet and new Mediterranean-based warships will coordinate their operations under a single command. They are designed as counter-deployments to the post-Georgian-war US and NATO naval presence in the Black Sea as well as its fleets in other parts of the Mediterranean including Israel's shores.

KR McKay

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Call it a "hunch," but I'm guessing that GOD is not amused...

Of course, Tsar Putin already has been working with Iran. This is kind of going in "the back way." Usually, stuff flows from Russia TO Iran, then TO Syria. I guess Putin just wants to solidify his hold on the whole distribution chain by setting up shop in "Crazy Bashir's Iranian Terrorism Outlet." NOT smart on his part. When Damascus doesn't exist anymore (Isaiah 17), he will realize this...and maybe use it as a justification for Gog/Magog, eventually...


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Hello everyone;
The statues are not even an accurate representation of Gog or Magog, for as I understand it, Gog is a Ruler of Darkness in the Heavenlies that instigates Magog attacking Israel:)
Remember that the Rabbis addressed G Bush as the same{which was errant, IMO}
as Gog, basicly:)
I am personally watching for 'either/or' Ps. 83, Ez.38 or Is. 17 to occur at any moment, so things are definitely looking up, LOL:-}


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Gog is not a ruler in the "Heavenlies". Gog is a title (like President or Prime Minister) given to a leader in Russia. He is also called the "Chief Prince" of cities in Russia (Meshach and Tubal). Gog is a person and Magog is commonly thought to be the Russian people.


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Gog is not a ruler in the "Heavenlies". Gog is a title (like President or Prime Minister) given to a leader in Russia. He is also called the "Chief Prince" of cities in Russia (Meshach and Tubal). Gog is a person and Magog is commonly thought to be the Russian people.
I agree!:thumbup


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From studying God's Word, Ezekiel 38 & 39 is the prophecy against Israel: which is a future invasion.

Ezekiel gave a list of names that will form an united coalition against Israel.

Magog=many scholars believe Gog is not a name but a title, like Pharoah or Czar.

We're seeing enough czars today with our president~

Meshech=some Bible scholars say this is Moscow while others believe it refers to Turkey

Tubal=Some scholars say this is the city of Tobolsk in Russia while others say it's modern day Turkey.




Gomer=Turkey,but also possibly Germany and Austria

Beth-Togarmah=Armenia and Central Asia

Notice Egypt and Iraq is not referred to in scripture.

Maybe it's because Ezekiel was writing the prophecy in Babylon of Iraq.

Gog's Plan is to bring war against Israel,and the Lord will bring judgment upon the enemies of Israel.

The Lord will trigger a massive earthquake; the Lord will turn Gog's forces against one another,and the Lord will subject Gog's coalition forces to: pestilence, blood, torrential rains, hailstones, and fire from heaven.

The Lord will 'send fire upon Magog' itself and others. 39:8

Israel are living securely before the war 38:11,14

Israel will have economic prosperity 38:12-13

This unfullfilled war will come about 'in the Last Days' before the Lord's return. 38:16

Now no one knows clearly if this war will happen before or after the Rapture,but my thoughts is that it could happen after the Rapture by only guessing by studying the Word.

I really, really do hope this war happens 'after' the Rapture,but God will protect Israel~

Where the US stands in this war, I personally don't know; however, I have my own thoughts.

God bless~