God moves in mysterious ways!


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this might get long winded.......
some background info - all week I have been battling the "your not saved" syndrome and was getting close to stopping church and some other "Christian" activities I do, depressing I know ............. earlier this week we organised a quote for a roller door for our landlord and the guy could only come Sunday morning and I organised to leave a remote in the letter box as we would be out, so this Sunday morning I was all dressed and just leaving for church when the guy arrives (an hour earlier than when he said he was coming) and I am blocked in so I open the garage he does his thing and I am thinking perhaps I should say something (in a witnessing way) but decide against it, then I notice a tract about Jesus on a shelf that I had left there last week and put it in my pocket just in case but I couldnt bring myself to witness to him and then the guy says he will email me the quote and jumps in his truck and starts writing while I turn and put my hand on our front door handle to go inside to get my car keys, but my head says "stop! go and give him that tract" so I went over and knocked on his window and said something about it and offered it to him, he took it and said he would read it but that he was a roman catholic (that tract was perfect for a RC person by the way), which started me off on a "chat" anyway that went pretty well I thought and I gave him some biblical verses about "all have sinned" etc etc and he left, by now I was pushing to get to my bretheren church on time and today we had a guest speaker ...... okay so my church do not have a structured meeting ie: any male can stand and request a hymn or song or pray or offer some scripture reading and exergesis to lead into our communion time, I am thinking perhaps I could get up and mention the encounter with the door guy but I think perhaps that is just pride/works on my part .... there is a longish quiet time then Robert gets up and says a few words about a local christian ministry that sends bible study material out around the world to unsaved people and listed the people from different countries who had answered those study questions and had made commitments to Jesus, and said how important it was to reach out to unsaved people...... so I am thinking I can add to that with what happened this morning, but I just feel I am not really a christian and it is only my pride wanting to get recognition (seriously!) another long silence for a couple of minutes and someone asks for a song, then another, and more quiet space and someone gets up and does a bit of sermonising while I am now thinking about that "witnessing" this morning and why would God want me to get up and mention that anyway ...... so I stay quiet and someone else gets up and another song..... then after we stopped singing I stayed standing and said, I think I can add to what Robert was saying about evangelising and witnessing to others by way of my morning encounter especially how I didnt want to do it and gave myself excuses why I shouldnt but add some encouragent for us to listen to our inner voice when it tells us to do something for God..... which went down pretty well and I sat down .......... we had our communion etc and the guest speaker from another town got up to speak and told us how thrilled he was to hear his prepared sermon already being discussed during the communion service as it was all on talking to others when prompted by the Holy Spirit, so I knew why God wanted me to get up and share that pre ordained meeting with the roller door man ........ be encouraged to talk to that stranger, after all that is what we are commissioned to do isnt it?