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To add to what others have said: to be saved one has to trust only in the Lord Jesus. He handles all arrangements; He already made full payment for salvation by His death on the cross. We know that His death was an acceptable sacrifice because God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead. When you believe in Jesus, you have infinite goodwill with God the Father. God, in fact, seals His Spirit in you as a guarantee that you will never again be lost.

As an analogy, imagine that you get to heaven, and are told that you must first fill out reams and reams of paperwork, detailing every moment of your life. You are shown to a room that is full of stacks of forms. However, when you began to look through them, you discover they have already been completely and perfectly—no mistakes!—filled out by the Lord Jesus. Why? Because He handles everything.

To the original question: as someone pointed out earlier, the “Lord, Lord” passage and the “sheep and goat” passage are different. The goats don’t claim to have done anything for the Lord Jesus, and, in fact, it is for actions the goats failed to take—feeding, clothing, and visiting the Jews during the Tribulation—that they are condemned. These actions that the lord Jesus is looking for are the result of saving faith. One who does not believe in Jesus will seek to save his own life, and tell the hungry Jew at his door to scram, instead of being willing to possibly lose his life by helping the Jewish fellow.