Global Digital Passports Enforced


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Global Digital Passports Enforced
By Tim Moore

Will we soon be forced to have a global digital passport in order to travel?

Tim Moore:
Certain powerful people worldwide have been advocating for a global government. Such governance would allow for only a small group of individuals to control the entire planet. World domination has long been the goal of despots and dictators throughout human history. Today we are seeing a global government being ushered in — right before our very eyes!

To help us understand this shifting political landscape, I sought out a very special guest who has just returned from a meeting of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann served for a number of years in the U.S. House of Representatives before running for President of the United States. She continues to serve as the dean of the Robertson School of Government and remains a strong voice for conservative and Christian principles here in America and around the world.

Congresswoman Bachmann, please tell us what you experienced when you traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to join the audience listening in to all of the plans being presented by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Michele Bachmann: I went to Geneva for the purpose of watching, observing, and seeing what the World Health Organization is presenting. They weren’t shy nor reticent about telling us exactly how their plans have been proceeding.

What was very sad to me is that there wasn’t one member of the U.S. House of Representatives there attending this meeting. There wasn’t one member of the United States Senate who was there. The politicians manage to fly their airplanes to attend World Economic Forum meetings, but they didn’t attend this important meeting.

It’s a shame, for this meeting presented such profound consequences for every person on the earth because the plan envisions every single person coming under the dominion and control of the World Health Organization. Just one week after the World Health Assembly concluded, they dropped an absolute bombshell. A press letter went out that claimed the European Union has already developed a global digital passport that would regulate our health status and so the ability for people to take transportation. This global digital passport, which essentially would be a scannable QR code issued by your mobile phone, would reveal if the individual is in compliance with the mandates of the World Health Organization and so has permission to be able to travel and have the freedom to move about.

The World Health Organization didn’t wait to pass amendments or seek a global treaty. W.H.O. announced on June 5, 2023, that they are adopting the system Europe has already come up with. This decision will automatically cover 80 out of the 194 countries. So, the question is, when will the United States enter into this system?

How do you enforce a global government? The answer is through a global digital passport. This has become a reality!

W.H.O. announced that once it takes control over the European digital passport, this will be the first building block, presumably soon followed by merging your digital currency and digital health records as well. Your entire life will eventually be merged into a single digital QR code.

When will the mandated global digital passport become effective? June of 2023. In other words, right now! This global digital passport is right now in effect.

Media Blackout​

Tim Moore: And to think that our own Mainstream Media has largely ignored this huge story. This passport holds grave implications for Americans and all people around the world, and yet the Mainstream Media has been distracting us with Trump indictments and UFOs. I remember how difficult it was flying to Canada during Covid, so think how difficult it will soon be to fly anywhere.

Michele Bachmann: Yes, within a year from now, our lives will be completely upended. Absent a miracle or an intervening hand from the Lord, we’re looking at less than a year from now having this fully global digital passport being enforced on everyone in the world.

We’re past the passport being envisioned. It’s already been created! Now it’s a matter of getting every nation on board with it.

When you look at the 307 proposed amendments to the International Health Rules and the Global Pandemic Treaty, both of them mandate compliance by member states. They lay out how members are mandated to comply. And, they also talk about how committees have been set up to stop anybody from talking about this rollout.

And yes, you’re right, it’s really shocking that the Mainstream Media hasn’t been talking about this, nor cable media, or even social media. No one from the Mainstream Media has been talking about this monumental restriction coming to our privacy and travel rights. Only through alternative media sources is the word getting out. In my experience, more than half of the population doesn’t trust the current political and media systems. They only know something about this power grab through alternative media. That’s why the proposed amendments to the Global Pandemic Treaty envision shutting down all alternative media. Everyone has to be in compliance with the message given out by the rising global government.

I believe within the year you’ll start experiencing these restrictions on your speech. So, that’s why we need to use our freedom of speech now for as long as we still have it.

Role of the Watchman​

Tim Moore: Ezekiel 33 talks about the requirements of being a watchman. Watchmen proclaim a message of warning, but it is up to those who hear them to choose to listen or not. Watchmen are only responsible for proclaiming the warning, not whether the people heed it. Today, Congresswoman Bachmann, you are a watchwoman proclaiming a warning, but the world isn’t listening. They didn’t listen to Jesus Christ and His warning about the consequence of sin being eternal death, after all.

God’s commission to Ezekiel wasn’t just for the prophet, but for all who are called the Children of God. There are threats rising in the world that often are under-reported by the Mainstream Media. I’m so glad that you educated yourself to warn us of this imminent threat to our God-given freedoms. I appreciate you being obedient to the Word of God. You inspire me and the Remnant Christians who listen to you.

For Christians living in these perilous times, make sure you stay grounded in the Word of God. Keep educating yourself so as to be discerning in these dark days, not being confused and chasing after every fearful thing that’s happening. Know wholeheartedly that God is in control.

If you don’t already know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I urge you to put your faith in Him today. In knowing that Jesus will win in the end, and so too His children, then all of these terrible events that would trouble the heart of someone who does not know Jesus as their Savior will roll off your back. Our security rests in Jesus Christ who guarantees His faithful eternal life.

We know that, according to Scripture, this world will grow increasingly dark. But, the light of revelation has already dawned in the hearts of every person who knows Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world. Even in these dark times, we can hold on to “the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).

And, while the time is short, speak out — bear witness — as a watchman on the wall.


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Michele Bachmann: Yes, within a year from now, our lives will be completely upended. Absent a miracle or an intervening hand from the Lord, we’re looking at less than a year from now having this fully global digital passport being enforced on everyone in the world.

We’re past the passport being envisioned. It’s already been created! Now it’s a matter of getting every nation on board with it.

This sounds really ominous and is a sign that the hour is late. The Restrainer is still in the business of restraining, but will soon allow the world to self-destruct. When people start claiming they have finally implemented their peace and safety NWO, Great Reset, Build Back Babel agenda, sudden destruction comes.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus.


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Clear something up for me. Is this required solely for international travel at the moment?
This is being patterned after EU's Covid certificate which is used in 80 countries at the moment and within EU travel only from what I've gathered.

But the WHO wants to capitalize on this system and wants other countries onboard so they can control the movement of practically everyone in the planet.

Reason & Hope

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Let me be a little more specific then. Are they right now trying to control travel from US to Canada for example? From Florida to Georgia? From Tampa to Orlando? What is their current goal?
The passport is something they would have in place, for between countries, to be used for the next pandemic. Since Tedros at the WHO will have sole discretion on what constitutes a pandemic and when these would be needed, they could be used to shut down travel at any time.

I could not find any mention of the digital passport restricting travel between U.S. states; however, I could see governors Gavin Newsom and Kathy Hochul using them if they want. It would require adding checkpoints at the freeways connecting states, or maybe they'd require everyone to show the ID when buying stuff at stores or staying at hotels, and restrict travel that way.