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Withstand in the evil day. Eph 6:13
Sugarland Bible Church has a pastor who I believe studied under Walvord. Andy Woods is the most biblically sound teacher of God's Word that I've found in the 37 yrs I've been a Christian. Scroll way down on the home page, past all the Covid info, and click on Sermon Archives. Make sure to choose a sermon by Dr. Woods. When he's out of the pulpit attending a conference, he has solid men who fill in, but he's outstanding!
PS: We lived in Houston area 13 yrs, not far from Johnson Space Center. My dh worked at Univ of Houston.

@A stranger and Pilgrim -- Check out Andy's 70 hour teaching on the Rapture. I am just about finishing it up and it has greatly strengthened my faith. He goes through the different rapture belief systems and the arguments for or against them using sola scriptura. Pre-trib alone makes sense. Highly recommended.