Giant blob of seaweed twice the width of US taking aim at Florida, scientists say

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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
A large mass like what is being reported can cause a lot of ecological problems when it ends up on, over, and in reefs, estuaries, the intracoastal waterways, river deltas, swamps, etc. At the very least, it'll block a lot of sunlight from plants, animals, and fish that need it. It's also a huge issue for navigation and boat maintenance.

If God is using it to answer prayers, maybe it'll kill off the pythons in the Everglades.

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Was he a Christian?
Yes, according to his testimony.
He has an interesting life story for his short 50 years.
Part of that involves him accepting Christ after an invitation at a church service.
This was apparently 6 months or so before he was officially diagnosed with cancer
( pleural mesothelioma) apparently from exposure to asbestos . He knew he was dying and most likely wouldn't live because the cancer was moving aggresively .
He made a request at one point to meet with Billy Graham, which Billy accepted the invitation.
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Steve went to Mexico to get some controversial treatment done . At some point while down there in Mexico , he had surgery , which he made it through the surgery , but died a day later.
That day was November 7th, 1980 , which happened to be Billy Graham's birthday. It has been stated , that when they found Steve dead , he was holding the Bible that Billy gave him.

I look forward to meeting both brothers in Heaven !
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Hmmm... we are talking about seaweed right??

Just like waiting for tree huggers, we should wait for seaweed huggers. :cool:

Any time you play with an ecosystem you can always end up with unintended consequences.

It would be safer to use some of the seaweed for useful purposes and leave the rest rather than pulling it all out.

Of course, relying on mankind to do it properly is a fools errand.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Sell it. Pull it out, dry it out, chop it up and use it, responsibly.

It makes wonderful compost and soil amendments. Almost as useful as fish fertilizer with many of the same micronutrients.

Maybe God is using this to bless and provide fertilizer for our farmers and gardeners that can't get "regular" fertilizer at a reasonable price because of the Russian embargo and the Russia-Ukraine war.

A lot of farmers and others have been praying over this issue, and God answers prayers in all sorts of ways.

:pray :pray :amen :amen
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This news is sensationalized every year. This is nothing new. Every single hurricane that comes up the Gulf brings in a mat of sea grass. The majority of these sea grasses grow in the shallow warm waters of the Gulf.

Without these grasses the Bay Scallops would not reproduce, plus many of the Gulf coastal marine species spawn in these grasses.

One of the most significant issues that is rarely discussed is the over abundance of of nutrients from sewage systems that leave coastal rivers into the Gulf and cause a over abundance of these sea grass blooms.

All of these tropical storms break off mats of these grasses and they then drift with the currents.

One hundred years ago there were no satellites to photograph these mats and no internet to promote mass hysteria.

However I do believe completely in what the Bible says will happen to the seas. I hope not to witness that.