Germany in secret talks to buy Iranian oil amid Russian war sanctions


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Germany in secret talks to buy Iranian oil amid Russian war sanctions
It is unclear how Germany would buy gas from Iran at this time because of US sanctions on Iran’s energy sector.
Published: NOVEMBER 14, 2022

The chief economist for the partially state-owned bank LBBW in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg announced that Germany is engaged in secret talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran to buy Iranian oil, The Jerusalem Post can first reveal.

“Intensive talks are already being held behind the scenes with Venezuela, Iran or Algeria to cover Germany's oil and gasoline needs,” said Moritz Kraemer, the chief economist of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW). The comment by Kraemer was made in the context of how Germany plans to cover its energy needs in light of the country’s efforts to wean itself off Russian gas dependency. Bernd Wagner, a spokesman for LBBW, told the Post that “as a matter of principle, LBBW does not conduct any Iran-related business.”



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No fair. We are already working with Venezuela. Of course, we could read Art of the Bad Deal - resell oil we get from Venezuela to Germany at a loss.


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Maybe its Iraninan oil that was sold to China but only got as far as India and now sits on Siri Lanka?