German Chancellor Merkel to visit Israel next month


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German Chancellor Merkel to visit Israel next month
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to head to Washington in his first foreign visit and meet with US President Joe Biden.
JULY 14, 2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit Israel at the end of August, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed on Wednesday. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett invited Merkel to Israel in their phone call last month, and she agreed to visit. The chancellor also plans to meet with President Isaac Herzog. Merkel has not visited Israel since 2018. She is leaving office the following month, after announcing she will not seek reelection.

Bennett is expected to make Washington his first foreign destination as prime minister in the coming months, following an invitation from US President Joe Biden. A source close to the prime minister said the visit will not be before the Knesset finishes its summer session on August 5, in light of the close proportion of coalition and opposition votes. The prime minister is also likely to hold off on the Washington visit until after the government’s reassessment of its policy on the Iran nuclear threat is completed, and he has finished making appointments to key roles related to foreign policy in the Prime Minister’s Office.