Georgia Guidestones blown up!!!


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Too bad all of it wasn't destroyed. My guess is that just as suddenly and mysteriously as they appeared the first time, they'll be replaced as good as new.
They were knocked down by contractors with heavy equipment within hours...kind of like they did not care about an actual criminal investigation...or were trying to bury evidence.

I still say good riddance, they were an abomination.

Baby Yoda

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Yesterday I almost made a joke about prosecutors seeking domestic terrorists for perpetrating this crime against our Democracy. This morning I’m reading that the State has launched just such an investigation.

Shocked, but yet, not surprised at all. :rolleyes:


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Good news. I hope the perps get away with it completely. One of life's little mysteries. Kind of like why people don't get 20 years when destroying church or synagogue property and little effort goes to find those who did so, but when it's these things the prosecutor is threatening a 20 year sentence. No stone left unturned! ;) as they pursue their prey. Life's little mysteries.